Ahuntsic Addition 1
Anticipated completion 2015

This project provides for two new additions to a 1920s six-plex in Ahuntsic, notable for the quality of its masonry work, the presence of a large covered balcony and its unusual layout. The work includes the replacement of aging rear sheds connected to the 2nd and 3rd floor apartments and the non-conforming rear exit stair, and the demolition of the garage. The new spaces created by the 2nd and 3rd floor addition will provide the apartments with new rooms that are insulated, comfortable and full of daylight streaming in through generous windows. The construction of a conforming rear exit stair also provides a new rear balcony. The second rear addition replacing the garage accommodates a new kitchen and dining room for the existing ground floor apartment. This pavilion has large expanses of glazing, including a 14’ opening towards the in-ground pool to be built beside the addition. This addition also provides space for a new roof terrace and garden on top, and sunshades control the heat of the sun. The characteristics of the original building and preserved and highlighted by the contrasting contemporary expression and materials used on the addition.