Plateau Mont-Royal Addition 4
Designed 2005

Plateau Mont Royal Addition 4 is a 3-storey addition to an L-shaped triplex typical of the Plateau. On the ground floor, a family room opens to a rear garden, which until now was separated from the main living spaces. A staircase joins it to a new master bedroom on the 2nd floor and to a bedroom in the basement, answering needs of a growing family. A new master bedroom suite is added to the 3rd floor apartment. The contemporary look of the addition, built in brick, steel and aluminum panels, is connected to a 1910 triplex, minimizing the renovations in the existing house. The addition takes advantage of generous windows that provide a maximum of natural lighting, while controlling solar heat gain in summer using overhangs over the south windows. The side windows offer exceptional views onto the neighboring gardens, yet work within the constraints imposed by the small distance to the property line.