St-Lambert addition 1
Date anticipated : 2016

Located in St-Lambert, this projects includes a large rear addition and renovations to a 1950s split-level house to meet the growing needs a young family. The project adds a fourth bedroom and a second bathroom, enlarges the family room and reconfigures the bedroom level. The house is divided into four half-levels, separating the living spaces from the bedrooms. The concept proposes the creation of new visual connections between the levels by installing an open staircase and by creating openings in the central wall. Views to the kitchen or the basement playroom become possible from the enlarged family room. An opening in the floor of the addition, between the family room and the second floor, creates another link. The rear addition creates a new exterior space framed by the kitchen and the new family room. The large terrace allows the activities of these adjacent rooms the expand to the outdoors. Large windows and sliding doors in the family room in particular allow this interaction. The large windows of the new master bedroom, on the second floor of the addition, offer an abundance of natural light.