Val Morin Addition 1
Designed 2013

Located on a charming site with views over the Laurentian forest, the existing house needed to be reconfigured to improve the layout, and a new addition was needed to provide space for a home office. The new addition was designed to provide a better entry experience and to improve the circulation within the house. It includes a large vestibule with integrated storage and an open stair connecting the two main levels of the house. The existing mezzanine space was enlarged to provide more space for the home office, its new function. Taking advantage of the planned renovations, a new metal roof will replace the existing asphalt shingle one and a home automation system will be installed to control the mechanical systems from a distance. Heated floors will be installed in the new living space as well to provide greater comfort for the clients. In order to open the house up to the spectacular views available behind it, the kitchen, which needed renovation, was relocated towards the front of the house, and enlarged windows and a triple patio door were installed, opening the living spaces to views of the mountainside below.