Villeray Addition 1
Designed 2013

This project proposes to renovate and enlarge one of two 2nd floor apartments in a two-storey triplex in Villeray for the building owner, enlarging the 4 ½ room apartment to provide space for a home office. Working within the restrictions of the zooming bylaws, the proportions of the new volume were dictated by the space needed to create a multifunctional space on the 2nd floor that would benefit from the abundant natural light, while also improving the ground floor apartment by creating a sheltered terrace. A storage block provides privacy between the building and the adjacent property and frames the now volume and the new stair providing access to the roof terrace, a bright oasis with expansive views over the roofs of the neighbouring houses. The interior of the apartment, which was recently renovated, is improved by the addition of a large opening skylight, which brings ample light and improved ventilation into the centre of the space.