Description Sketches

Clinique Intersanté and Apartment - Plateau Mont-Royal
Completed 2009

La Clinique Intersanté is an osteopathic clinic on Saint-Joseph Boulevard, operated by owners who live on site. The project transformed an old commercial and residential building in need of major repairs. The ground floor and a rear addition house the clinic, and the two second floor apartments were combined and reconfigured as a home for the clinic owners. The clinic's new waiting room has floor to ceiling windows, bringing generous daylight into the space and providing the clinic with great visibility on the street. The treatment rooms are all arranged along the exterior to benefit from natural light, and their windows bring order and rhythm to the existing facades. The rear addition houses a break room for the clinic's staff and practitioners and looks out through a fully glazed garage door onto the inner courtyard, planted with a tree and climbing vines. The open-concept living spaces of the second floor open onto an intimate and sunlit upper terrace that also looks into the inner courtyard. A green roof on the addition creates an oasis of green for the upper terrace. This project was completed in collaboration with Les Entreprises Dominic Payette.