Grand Angle
Anticipated 2016

Located in Rosemont, this project consists of the demolition of a derelict industrial garage behind an existing duplex and its replacement by two artists’ studios that will allow the clients to each have a creative space that responds to their needs for natural light, interior and exterior surfaces to exhibit their work, and easy access to allow the transportation of large-scale works. The alternation of materials, both mineral (concrete block and fibercement) and metallic (corrugated steel) simultaneously differentiates the two studios, expressing the difference of mediums of both artists, while also creating vibrant and dramatic exterior surfaces that enliven the alleyway and provide exhibition surfaces for the neighbours and the users of the park opposite. This exterior ‘canvas’ is proposed both for the display of the works of our clients but also as public exhibition space reinforcing the communal character of the alley. To enliven the rectilinear plan of the addition, wall extend and their edges are angled to break the continuity of the building’s lines. The remainder of the space gained to the rear of the duplex is dedicated to a courtyard garden, providing green space for the two studios and one of the residential units framed by walls whose large window overlook the gardens.