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Cartier Vert - Centre Sud
Completed 2012

Cartier Vert is a conversion of a century-old triplex in the Centre-Sud area of Montreal into three luxuriously finished independent condos, a significant challenge for a speculative renovation. The project was designed and built to a LEED Platinum level and is the result of an Integrated Design Process. The units were modernized while retaining the original details that give the units their charm, such as the trim on interior doors. The interior was opened up to create opportunities for natural ventilation, all the while keeping units with two or three closed bedrooms. The need to rebuild the rear brick façades created an opportunity to integrate large window openings overlooking the backyard, and large balconies. The brickwork was restored on the front façade and new windows and balconies were installed. All the exterior walls were sealed and insulated to improve the energy efficiency of the units. A central heat pump combining both geothermal wells and air exchange sources, a ventilation system integrating and HRV, a domestic hot water system connected to solar thermal panels on the roof are among the sustainable measure integrated into the project.