Urbanova – Green Neighbourhood - Terrebonne
Designed 2013

The Urbanova Green Neighbourhood proposes the construction of a community of 50 to 60 townhouses, duplexes, single family homes and/or condominium buildings on a large property bordering a forest in Terrebonne. The homes will all be affordable and certified LEED and Novoclimat 2.0. Studio MMA studied layout options for the property with the objective of creating a safe and welcoming community for families with young children, retirees, students and professionals. The community is centred on a park with an urban chalet, a pool and playground, with reduced-speed traffic. A prototype was developed for a 1200 square foot townhouse plus basement, with a garage or family room as well as a guest room offered in the basement. An option with an independent rental unit in the basement was also designed, providing greater financial flexibility for the future owners. The townhouses will be grouped into blocks of 3 to 9 units, the body of the principle volume providing architectural consistency in height and colour while permitting personalization of the units through their separate entrance volumes and choices of window, plantings, rear terraces and trellises. Mature trees will be planted in the front and backyards of the townhouses to shade the façades during the summer and to beautify the streets and backyards of the community.