Ste-Adèle House
Designed 2008

Ste-Adèle House is a country home sitting on a height of land in the forest on the northern shore of a lake in the Laurentians. The house is approached along a winding road through the forest, occasionally visible through the trees as it is approached. The mezzanine windows will glow like a lantern in the evening, beckoning visitors towards the warmth and welcome of the house. Though a ribbon of windows admits light on all sides, only the side facing the lake opens itself completely to the sun and the view. On the other sides, rock walls, wood screens and service spaces serve as a buffer between the living spaces and the forest. The living and bedroom spaces are oriented to the view and open onto a large terrace. A home office is located on a mezzanine overlooking the double-height living room with its sculptural staircase and large fireplace. The main living spaces and mezzanine occupy the centre of the house, while the guest and main bedroom wings are established to either side. Mechanical and storage spaces are located in a partial basement.