Description Sketches

St-Faustin House
Date Anticipated : 2016

Set on a site in St-Faustin-Lac-Carré chosen for its’ natural elements, the house is inspired by the forest canopy, the exposed boulders, the splashing stream, and the privacy offered by the sloping terrain. Simple and solid in its architecture facing the road to the west, the primary spaces of the home are stretched along the stream which borders the site to the north and open themselves to the beauty of nature both near and far through generous windows. The home protects a calm, cool garden under the forest canopy on its north side, in contrast with the bright and welcoming entrance and glade on the other side. The master bedroom, separate from the living spaces, opens onto an intimate rock garden, while at the other end of the house a large balcony on the upper level and a terrace below offer expansive views and a direct connection to the forest. The layout of the house allows the family to live in warm and inviting spaces, while also allowing them to comfortably receive a large number of guests.