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Amphitheatre for Trois-Rivières - Voiles sur Saint-Laurent
Architectural competition
Designed 2010

Inspired by the magnificent site at the meeting of the Saint-Laurent and Saint-Maurice rivers, we propose to return a natural, living space to the city, animated by the movement of the wind, the waves on the river and by its human activity. A large urban park and a public square will be built at the heart of this former industrial area. The park, which rises up to become the green roof of the amphitheatre, is sculpted into grandstands facing the boardwalks along both rivers, becoming a spectacular viewpoint. The public square cuts into the park, its walls of glass, steel and wood evoking the forges and sawmills of La Mauricie. Enclosed on the three sides, the square is dense and urban, animated by the clientele of its cafés and boutiques and by the occupants of the neighbouring commercial buildings. The amphitheatre seating, the square, the urban park and boardwalks become lively stages for the spectators on the roof, who in turn become actors in the urban park, enlivening the public square. At the summit of the park, the stage tower, cloaked in sails inflated by the wind and illuminated by its lighting and reflections off the water, becomes the signal of the amphitheatre for both the river and the city.