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Reinventing the alley (Réinventons la ruelle)
Maison de l’Architecture du Québec (MAQ)
Architecture ex
Participation 2011

Reinventing the alley is an "experiment and an innovative design exploration" initiated by the MAQ, exploring the phenomenon of the rediscovery of Montreal's alleyways. 20 young architecture and landscape architecture practices were invited to participate in this exhibition, inspired by the following observation: "Montreal's central neighbourhoods, once neglected, are experiencing a rebirth due to the arrival of a younger, more urban and educated population that wants to live in the heart of the city. In these neighbourhoods this population shift is driving the upgrade and enlargement of houses on their back façades. We are witnessing the emergence of innovative solutions. Suddenly, alleys traditionally reserved for utilitarian purposes are being rediscovered and showing a new face to the world." Montreal families are spending more of their time enjoying their backyards. Our proposal is an exploration of the potential of the back alley as a space to live out the dance of urban living: public / private / inside / outside / spectacle / contemplation / sharing / privacy / community / escape / collectivity / clotheslines / robins…