St. James the Apostle Roof Garden
Designed 2009

This project to create a rooftop vegetable and flower garden is part of a social and environmental community initiative developed in response to the maintenance needs and limitations of the St. James the Apostle Church and Shatford Hall. It proposes new interventions that will take the best advantage of the roof replacement work being planned. The Church has a tradition of building and maintaining urban gardens that will be preserved and enhanced through this project. The creation of new green space and the integration of urban agriculture during the roof replacement project will benefit the church, the partnering organisations, and the inhabitants of the neighbourhood. The project will also reduce the heat island effect of the existing exposed roof, the plantings will help purify the air, and urban biodiversity will be encouraged while building links between the new social organisations and the neighbourhood inhabitants. The installation of roughly one hundred planters on two roof levels of the church includes the addition of two new exit stairs and guard rails, which integrate with the architecture of the existing building while emphasizing the environmental aspects of the project by encouraging the growth of vines on these new structures, creating green walls visible from Saint Catherine Street.