Longueuil Renovation 1
Anticipated completion 2014

The goal of this project is to modernise and enlarge the living, storage and service spaces of this single-family home, as well as bringing in more daylight and improving the layout, character and ambiance of the house. Principally an interior reconfiguration, the renovations nevertheless provided an opportunity to modernise the existing façades by adding or modifying windows and replacing the stucco accents with new charcoal-coloured bricks. Inside, the expansion and reconfiguration of the kitchen and its central island improve the visual and physical connection with the open-concept living and dining areas. New strip windows were opened up on the full length of the wall above the kitchen and dining room cabinets, bathing the space in light while protecting our clients’ privacy. The existing home theatre was redesigned to provide a more authentic cinematic experience, and the velvety space includes a projection screen and wall-mounted DVD storage shelving, which add to the decor and improve access to the clients’ DVD collection. The master suite was also completely reconfigured to optimise the usage of space.