Plateau Mont-Royal Renovation 2
Completed 2008

Beginning with a poorly renovated cottage, our intervention improved the layout of the different spaces, integrated new functions and improved the energy efficiency of the house. The new ground floor layout allowed the living areas to share space with a room dedicated to teaching the harp. By locating the teaching space and the powder room near the entrance the living areas of the house, including the kitchen, dining room and living room, are effectively separated from the rooms needed by the students. A sliding glass panel allows the space to enlarge the living areas when students aren’t present. The work to reinforce the existing structure is expressed by the exposed columns and beams which also serve to define the new spaces. The spaces on the 2nd floor were also reconfigured to rebalance the size of the bedrooms, bathroom and closets, while also permitting the addition of a laundry room, mechanical space and extra storage. The rear wall of the house was also rebuilt, allowing us to improve the insulation and give the façade a more contemporary appearance. A new central heating system also improves the energy efficiency of the home. This project was completed in collaboration with engineers Calculatec and with general contractor Construction Mainville.