Rosemont Renovation 3
Anticipated completion 2014

This project includes several modifications to an existing three-storey triplex that will be completed in several phases of work. The phasing was planned to provide an orderly and logical sequence of renovations, correcting various problems that were identified in the building. The first phase of work involved excavating the crawl space to create new livable space including bedrooms, a bathroom, lundry and family rooms. The second phase of renovations addresses the rear façade and garden design and garden layout, and includes a reorganization of the rear exit stairs. The relocation of a single window restructured the front façade, where the contrasting colours and textures of the new masonry and steel cladding invigorate the façade. This is the final phase of the renovations. The work on the front and rear façades allow improvements to the building's insulation and windows, improving the energy efficiency of the building.