Villeray Renovation 4
Completed 2012

This interior renovation project, on the ground floor unit of a duplex in Villeray, was designed to open up the living spaces to one another and to open the entire unit to the sunny back yard via large new windows. The bathroom, originally located on the back wall, was relocated to the center of the unit to free up the rear wall and let more light into the newly created living spaces. Attractive wood beams open up and add warmth to the contemporary space. The stained wood of the new patio doors, the beams and the new wooden floor give the space a calm and simplicity that blends well with the existing stained wood trim in the rest of this home. The existing basement stair was replaced with an open-riser steel stair with open steel guardrails, allowing light to penetrate downstairs, brightening the space with the help of a new front window. The existing balcony was enlarged and its new guardrail extended along the rear wall, thus permitting the installation of full-height patio doors and creating a harmonious whole with the elements composing the rear façade. This project was completed in collaboration with engineers Calculatec and with general contractor Les Entreprises G3F.