Villeray Renovation 6
Completed 2013

This transformation of a duplex into a single-family home included a partial renovation of the ground floor, the complete transformation of two upper units and the addition of a large terrace in the backyard. The rear of the lower floor was opened up to provide better access to daylight for the playroom and dining room, as well as creating a better visual connection to the new terrace and backyard. On the upper floor, three new bedrooms, a reading room open to the new stairwell and a spacious new bathroom were created. The master bedroom is located in an original double living room, which provided space for a large walk-in closet and has a small en suite bathroom. The new wood terrace, designed as an extension of the dining room, includes a privacy screen, a bench with integrated storage, a large sun-shade and built-in flower boxes. Adding an extra room to this home in summertime, it creates a private oasis despite the proximity of the neighbours. This project was completed in collaboration with engineers Calculatec..