Villeray Renovation 7
Completed 2014

This project was designed to respond to growing spatial needs of a young family. One of the rental apartments on the second floor of a triplex was added to the ground floor unit already occupied by the family. The ground floor, now used for the main living spaces and the master bedroom, was opened up to improve access to daylight and to provide a greater sense of space by removing existing partitions in the rear and by enlarging the doors and windows in the rear wall. The desire to open up the rear of the house was balanced by the desire to maintain the cachet of the rooms at the front. A large skylight was installed above the new open-riser stair between the two floors, bringing light into the centre of the 2nd floor and down into the ground floor and basement as well. This light even reaches the bathrooms via frosted glass windows set high in the surrounding walls. The new layout of the 2nd floor is devoted to space for the children, and includes a full bathroom, a bedroom and a playroom that can evolve with the changing needs of the family.