Design and construction

‣ massing and volumetric studies
‣ layout studies
‣ 3D modeling / 3D walkthroughs
‣ built-in furniture design and interior design
‣ exterior spaces
‣ construction documents
‣ cost control
‣ bid process administration and contract award
‣ contract administration and site services
‣ design-build projects partnership

Programming and planning

‣ detailing and analysis of client requirements, project budget and schedule
‣ review of applicable legislation including Construction Code, municipal bylaws, etc.
‣ feasibility studies
‣ marketing and development strategies
‣ construction cost estimates

Sustainable development

‣ integrated design process
‣ LEED certification
‣ establishing of environmental goals and certification targets
‣ identifying available subsidies, support programs and other initiatives
‣ developing environmentally responsible project design and construction strategies


‣ building envelope repair
‣ building code upgrades
‣ BOMA certifications
‣ design for accessibility