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    THE ABRI SERIES – Affordable Prefabricated Housing Kits

    Ready to built and meeting the highest LEED® requirements, the Abri is part of the Prefabricated Housing Kits from Ecohabitation. This afordable prefabricated house is the fruit of an exclusive collaboration between the architectural firm Studio MMA Architecture et Design and the manufacturer of prefabricated structures, Bâtiment Pré-Fab Inc. A contemporary house with  multiple variations, the Abri puts the courtyard at the heart of the layout. The intimate terrace sheltered by the wind and the view is surrounded by a generous living space open to the sun’s path. When the housing kits project took shape, the team from Studio MMA and Bâtiment Pré-FAb worked together to simplify and standardize the construction process. The envelope was designed to be hyper-efficient: the three-bedroom Abri 1850-BV consumes only 27 kWh/m2 per year. The design of the house qualifies for LEED® Platinum certification and Novoclimat accreditation. The Abri’s efficient layout and simple, affordable construction method allow families to build a home that is out of the ordinary. The Abri concept is available in multiple models. Variations affect the number of bedrooms.

    Three dimensions at affordable prices:

    The Abri 1850-BV has 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. It is ideal for those looking for a country home that can comfortably accommodate all family members or guests.

    The Abri 1400-BV is ideal for a middle-sized family. A little bit more compact than her big sister, the Abri 1850-BV, this model offers two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

    The Abri 1100-SV is a two-level model designed for sloping terrain, offering an enclosed bedroom and room for two fold-away beds. A more compact but spacious intermediate model.

    The Abri 1500-SV is the big sister of the Abri 1100-SV, offering three bedrooms and two generous living spaces on two-level.

    The Abri 750-BV is a compact model with one closed bedroom and one murphy bed.

    The Abri 550-BV is a loft-style model with no closed room but with a retractable bed. With its 550 square feet, it offers a welcoming and functional pied-à-terre.

    The Abri can also be adapted to the topography on which it will be built: the two-level models allow you to take advantage of a sloping terrain with a compact and efficient layout. Please note that the verandas are not calculated in terms of surface area. For more information on costs, energy performance and our collaboration, visit the Écohabitation website.


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