Chalet Maskinongé

Located on the shores of a quiet lake in the Outaouais region, the Chalet Maskinongé project involves the renovation and expansion of a wooden lakehouse. Through a series of interventions, a recent construction carried out without an overall vision is transformed into a welcoming residence connected to nature.

Inhabited for several years by the current owners, the needs and constraints of the residence have been carefully considered. The intervention thus aims to respect the endearing aspects that made the charm of the property and to focus on the irritants that have arisen since its acquisition.

The project is thus articulated in 3 interventions. First, the current entrance is reconfigured and extended to allow for a generous reception area and allow views to the natural surroundings. Secondly, the first floor is extended towards the lake and generous openings are afforded in order to connect the common spaces to the landscape. Finally, the current screen room, which evolved over the years into a central room in the daily life of the owners, has been enlarged to match the actual occupancy of the space.

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