DOWN IS UP demonstrates an interior space layout in which the typical ground floor rooms and basement rooms paradigm is inverted.

Based in a two-story triplex near the Jean-Talon market, the project plans for a full-height basement excavation to increase the floor area of the ground floor dwelling. One of the project’s strong design choice is to create a living space in the basement which accommodates the family’s common areas in a very bright volume, abundantly opened to the backyard. This gesture of creating a large visual breakthrough towards the outside from the basement living space is reinforced by the creation of a large open area located at the confluence of the vertical circulation between the two levels, overlooking the fully glazed rear wall.

The proportions of this large interior volume also mold the exterior space by creating a large sunken courtyard articulating a graded transition of gardens leading to the backyard. The interventions for these new spaces are expressed by a very clear materiality in contrast with the existing surfaces of typical Montreal red masonry.

Year of construction : Work in progress – end in 2023

Architecture : Studio MMA

Structural engineer : MA-TH



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