This roof access is conceived as a light well or embrasure in the ceiling of the central space of an apartment, framing views of the sky. This slot opening allows daylight to flood into the dining room and circulation spaces, which were previously very dark and uninviting.

A new open staircase with a central stringer and solid oak steps extends the existing staircase towards the new roof access. The lightness of this contemporary interior addition highlights the existing exposed brick wall. This addition was designed with respect for the character of the original space; the original mouldings and ceiling decorations were adjusted to harmonize with the new additions.

The staircase ends at an open and generous reading space, despite the tight size restrictions the city imposes on roof access ways (15m ²). This space opens onto a roof terrace and a panorama view extending from the Olympic Stadium to Mount Royal.

Year of construction : 2017

Architecture : Studio MMA

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