The Racine project consists of the complete transformation of a country house located on the shore of Lake Brampton. The interventions included renovations to the existing and a new addition. The clients’ project brief included a desire to remodel the original developer-built house into a more contemporary style that would match existing pavilions on the site.

The new design opened up the house to its surroundings to provide a living space flooded with natural light. The existing terrace facing the lake was converted into an interior space accommodating the dining room. The main roof was extended to shelter a new terrace that can be completely closed with removable screened blinds. In order to free up the main living space, the vertical circulation of the house was moved to a new volume at the front of the house. This volume welcomes its occupants through a monumental vestibule with a 12-foot ceiling height, from which one can see the other pavilions on the lot.

Year of construction : 2021

Architecture : Studio MMA

Structural engineer : Calculatec Inc.

Photographer : Pierre-Luc Caron

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