This duplex’s renovation into a cottage has been realised in a way that it could be eventually reversed to meet the future needs of its owners. The ground floor has been opened up entirely on the west side of the building to create a large living space. The original bearing walls were replaced with laminated wood beams and columns, which create a rhythm in the space and subdivide it visually. The bathroom and the kitchen were move to the east side to clear the living space and to make the kitchen more discrete. The bathroom has a more discrete entrance, which also leads to a substantial pantry beside the kitchen. The party walls have been soundproofed and new opening were made in the rear façade to provide more light and views of the garden from the ground floor. The entrance opens onto the staircase landing which serves as a bench and a storage space. The second floor has been renovated to create four spacious bedrooms, and the bathroom was relocated to benefit from an existing skylight.

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