This interior design project was undertaken to personalise a recently purchased condominium unit, adjusting it the clients’ needs while respecting their budget and priorities.

First, the existing mezzanine bathroom was enlarged across the whole width of the space to provide space for a free-standing bathtub in the centre of a generous and restful space. Wide sliding glass doors and a new interior window were added to allow natural light to bathe the space. The bathtub is highlighted by a backlit wall of stained wood planks. All of the bathroom furnishings as well as the new doors and windows were completed by a cabinetmaker using the same stain as on the wood planks, creating a harmonious feeling throughout the unit.

At the entrance directly in front of the kitchen, a classically-inspired column was replaced by a structural built-in cabinet that separates the two spaces and integrates additional storage and two decorative alcoves. Near the ceiling of the cathedral-ceilinged space, new stained windows allow light from the skylights to enter at the top of the formerly dark office space.

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