Cadre Noir

Completed 2015

This renovation project in Villeray redesigned the rear façade of an existing cottage and replaced the existing garage. The original cladding had water-infiltration problems and its south-west orientation caused its interior spaces to become overheated. Taking advantage of the weather-proofing work to be completed, the façade was also insulated and new sun-shades were added to provide a passive solar solution to the over-heating problem. Large metal panels are used emphasize the large window openings in the brick façade. The thin steel sun-shades wrap the windows like ribbons to create a dynamic façade. The reconstruction of the garage provides for a large opening facing into the garden as well, creating a large garden pavilion. The project also reviewed the installation of a roof terrace on top of the garage and overlooking the garden. Several re-cladding options were reviewed for the project, with some of them illustrated here.

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