Completed 2011

This project in the Villeray borough is a conversion of a 1958 duplex into a single family home with the main living spaces on the ground floor and the private spaces above. The open layout of the new living spaces replaced the narrow corridors and multiple bearing partitions with new laminated timber columns and beams. The kitchen was relocated to the front of the house but hidden from the entrance, allowing the living room and dining room to be located at the back of the house, with direct access to the expansive rear yard and abundant daylight. On the second floor a new master suite was created where the former upstairs kitchen and living room used to be, and includes the bedroom, a large sitting area and a new walk-in closet. A new staircase made of wood and steel adds a modern touch, and its open risers allow daylight to penetrate to the center of the house. A new skylight installed above the staircase illuminates the upstairs hallway and the entrance below. The addition of large window bays, new cladding and a large terrace with steel guard rails modernise the rear façade of the  house. This project was completed in collaboration with engineers Calculatec and with general contractor Karukera.

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