Ganotec – Offices

Anticipated 2016

This project consists of reorganizing the entrance and adjacent conference room for Ganotec, an industrial manufacturer and project manager. The entrance layout is simple yet dynamic, with only a glass partition separating it from the adjacent lobby yet letting in an abundance of natural light. The design showcases the company’s orientation, the finishes of the new flooring, ceiling and lighting evoke the stainless steel products manufactured by Ganotec. The linearity of the materials used give the space a contemporary ambiance and are also evocative of the facility’s products. A large mural describing the company’s work and philosophy displays the company’s ‘branding’ in the reception area that receives both clients and employees. The enlarged conference room follows the design characteristics of the entrance. The partitions are soundproofed and new information technology is integrated, which completes the integration of functional esthetics with the company’s corporate image.

  • Ganotec – Offices

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