La Cachette

Completed 2009


This compact project adds a third floor and mezzanine to a small two-storey brick cottage of only 22 by 20 feet that almost completely occupied its site. The new layout achieves the primary objective of creating two separate apartments within one building to meet the need for closeness and independence of the family members. The architectural elements of the existing cottage, such as the cornice, window style and masonry, were kept and restored. The new third floor and mezzanine, which double the height of the cottage, have a different exterior finish that contrasts with and sets off the original building. The use of new materials such as fibercement panels arranged in a shingle pattern and steel grey corrugated metal siding creates a dialogue with the red clay brick of the cottage. The design approach to the project applied sustainable development principles including the reuse and recycling of materials and the selection of durable and healthy new materials, as well as the redirection of waste materials to recycling centres. This project was completed in collaboration with engineers Calculatec and with general contractor L’Entremise.


“Maison De Châteaubriand”, Construire Rénover Transformer: Les meilleures idées d’architectes pour réussir votre projet, par Lucie Lavigne, Les Éditions La Presse, 2011, ISBN 978-2-923681-51-1

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