Designed 2015

The owners of this house wished to combine their ground floor unit and their basement rental unit to create a single-family home. The new addition that connects the separate units was designed to provide more natural light to both levels, as well as to provide a new living space. The upper landing connects to the kitchen and offers generous views over the back garden and neighbourhood. The intermediate landing provides a secondary entrance to the home, providing direct access to the garden. A comfortable alcove offers a place to relax and enjoy the space, as well as a location to dress and undress before playing in the yard. The lower landing enlarges the children’s play room, now bathed in light. Built-in furniture integrated along the side wall discreetly provides storage space missing in the existing house, and hides a series of sliding shutters that preserve the family’s privacy in the evening. Outside, the addition opens onto a large and sheltered patio made of cedar that offers a seating and barbecue area beside the garden.

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