Le Quai

Designed 2011


Set on a forested lot on the banks of the Saint-Maurice River, the modest program and budget favoured a minimalist approach to the creation of a cozy family chalet in intimate contact with its natural surroundings. The layout of the project follows an existing path that wends its way down from a natural plateau to the dock at the water’s edge 40 feet below. The pathway connects these main activity areas to each other and allows the progressive discovery of the chalet, beginning with the bridge-terrace on the roof. Descending the stair parallel to the slope one arrives at the main entrance on the main level, from which the stair descends further towards a multipurpose space and a private terrace. Welcoming four to six people in an open, uncluttered space surrounded by windows, the main level is centered on the kitchen and oriented towards the river, visible through large windows on the North. Designed to LEED criteria and passive solar design principles, ribbon windows to the south and west and large windows to the east admit the sun and allow good natural ventilation while protecting the privacy of the owners.

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