Construction planned for 2019

House project in the countryside on the peaceful plot of an old farm close to life and activities of Mont Tremblant. The residence makes the most of nature views around the house, including the views of cliffs and wooded hills to the north and east, the meandering Red River to the northwest, and the old barn renovated and horse riding to the southeast, which are reflected in the living rooms of the house.

These rooms are at the heart of the house. Large glazed surfaces provide views of the surrounding nature, and randomly spaced tree trunks reflect the forest of the hills, with rocks of your land serving as  benches while reflecting the cliffs. Barn wood surfaces link with the heritage of the place. The whole is sheltered by a high and muscular roof, it’s apparent structure above the space. A large wood fireplace is the focal point in space, it’s mass and fire are the anchor and symbol of comfort and shelter in nature.


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