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Completed 2011

This project consists of the addition of a second floor to a small house built on one level measuring 25′ by 28′ and set at the back of its lot, 60′ back from the sidewalk. The layout of the interior and exterior spaces was determined by the house’s location on its lot. The ground floor has become a large living area extending from front to back, opening onto a large terrace and garden in the front. The front garden is separated from the sidewalk by a garden wall built using the same materials as the façade. The front façade expresses the organization and functions of the floor levels behind it, alternating between solid and transparent surfaces. Its regular and ordered rhythm is modulated by the use of contrasting materials including dark masonry cladding and clear galvanized steel. The renovations completed on the existing house improve its energy efficiency, improving the insulation of the existing exterior walls and integrating a heat recovery ventilator, and by creating a space open from one end to the other for cross-ventilation during the warm months and the installation of a sunscreen to control solar heat gain through passive solar means. This project was completed in collaboration with engineers Calculatec and with general contractor Les Entreprises G3F.

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