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Completed 2010

This project includes major renovation work as well as the construction of an addition to a home built by an architect in the 1980’s. The driving idea was to bring the house into closer contact with the rear exterior spaces adjacent to the forest on the flanks of Mont Saint-Bruno, creating an addition that receives abundant natural light where this is sense of the interior space extending out into the garden. To this end the living room and master suite, which occupy the addition, enjoy a large amount of glazing towards the South and West, and large sliding doors in the living room provide access to an exterior terrace which meets the level of the garden. The grand horizontal gesture of the roof protects the windows and the terrace of the master bedroom from direct exposure to the sun in the summertime. The concrete panel cladding of the addition is taken up by the existing house, updating the architectural expression of the composition. This project was completed in collaboration with engineers Calculatec and with general contractor Construction Bertrand Dionne.

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