Second Jour

Completed 2015

Set in a quiet neighbourhood in Beaconsfield, this project transforms a small bungalow built in the 1950s by adding new bedrooms to accommodate the growing family and to provide a comfortable welcome for occasional long-term visits. The addition, built in the backyard, allowed the creation of a new living space on the back of the house. This bright, open space provides a flexible environment for family activities and is extended to the exterior through large windows and patio doors that let in the sunlight and offer views onto the pool deck and the backyard. A new garage was also added to one side, and the entry foyer and front porch were completely redesigned to provide an inviting, spacious entrance to the home. The new addition and renovations also provided an opportunity to modernise the details and finishes in the existing house and to improve the energy efficiency by adding insulation and replacing the existing windows. This project was completed in collaboration with engineers Calculatec and with general contractor DHMR.

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