This project proposes to densify the site of a Shoebox in the Parc-Extension neighbourhood of Montreal to create two new family apartments, each built on two levels. Small, one-storey Shoebox houses are an important witness to the working-class history of Montreal, but this house was too deteriorated to keep. After studying various options with the borough, it was decided to rebuild the Shoebox house in its original appearance in order retain this reminder of the past. Two stories are added above this volume, with a set-back to distinguish the new from the old planted with a new green roof. The contemporary masonry motif on the upper floors echoes the cornice of the original Shoebox. Designed in collaboration with a professional builder, the building, with it sun shades, high-performance insulation and durable materials, aims to achieve a Passive House level of energy performance.

2020 Design

Architecture : Studio MMA

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