TMR Reboot

Completion 2016

The sensitive and respectful exterior modernisation of this 1950’s split level in TMR includes a number of changes to the original features of the building. The changes to the house are respectful of the house’s material qualities and proportions and the proportions of its windows while rationalizing the inconsistencies in the existing façade material distribution. The installation of a continuous stone sill around the building above the ground floor windows creates an important visual transition element between the ground floor masonry cladding and the new charcoal-coloured fibrocement panelling system installed on the second floor. The panel’s module and the alignment of joints with vertical window mullions give a coherent and dynamic rhythm to these wall surfaces. Existing large roof overhangs are highlighted by replacing the aluminum soffit with new wood stained to match the entrance’s new mahogany double door. A new steel entrance canopy with integrated lighting and stained wood ceiling matching the soffits and a double door completes the exterior renovations.

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