Eastman – Tourist Information Office

This building combines a regional tourism office with a sales office for future sustainable cottages. The building orientation and passive solar strategies guided the development of the project in the pursuit of a vision of sustainability and energy efficiency. The building is designed to optimize the roof angle to integrate solar photovoltaic and thermal panels, while also creating an overhang to control solar heat gains through the large south-facing windows in the summer. The windows on the north side of the project are minimized to reduce thermal losses with the help of R40 insulated walls and an R60 insulated roof. Healthy, sustainable and low-maintenance materials are used in the project, and the sales office is heated by a traditional masonry heater. The architectural expression of the building was developed from the idea of juxtaposing two cottages linked by a bright and accessible entry hall. Exterior gathering spaces were provided, including a shaded entry terrace and landscaping that integrates deciduous and evergreen trees, a park, bathrooms and a stop for cyclists. This project was completed in collaboration with the team of Le Vertendre.

Year of construction : 2007

Collaborator : Le Vertendre

Architecture : Studio MMA


“Un bureau touristique écolo en chantier à Eastman – Vertendre montre son savoir-faire”, Tribune – Sherbrooke – June15th, 2007

  • Eastman – Tourist Information Office

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