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This 45,000 ft2 retail store is the first commercial building in Québec to conform to the National Research Council’s C2000 Program for Advanced Commercial Buildings. Numerous sustainable building strategies integrated in the store include renewable energy use, energy efficient equipment and systems, natural ventilation, high level of natural light, radiant floor heating and cooling, a highly insulated building envelope, water efficiency and conservation, use of salvaged, healthy and environmentally friendly materials and construction waste management. The project used an Integrated Design Process based on a collaborative team approach. The building’s environmental strategies are successfully integrated into its architectural aesthetic. The store’s volumes and materiality create an overall effect of rugged spaciousness perfectly compatible with its vocation.

Year of construction : 2003

Architecture : Consortium Studio MMA, DFS Inc. Architecture & Design et Lyse M. Tremblay ecoArchitecture Inc.

Landscape architect : WAA Inc.

General contractor : Broccolini Construction

Structural engineer : SDK

Civil engineer : Vinci Consultants

Mechanical engineer : Pageau Morel et Associé Inc.


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Awards & Distinctions

2005 Green Building Challenge / SB05 Tokyo Conference / Canadian Representative

2005 OAQ Award of Excellence in Architecture / Mention for Sustainable Design / Finalist

2005 Quebec Consulting Engineering / Grand Prize Winner / Building Category

2005 ASHRAE Technology Award / Engineering Excellence

2005 Canada Energy / Efficiency Award / Honourable Mention

2004 AQME Gala Energia / Jury Award for Green Buildings

2004 CISC Award of Excellence / Green Building Category / Honourable Mention

2004 Commerce Design / Montreal Grand Prize / Winner

2004 Montreal Energy / Forum Trophy for Energy Initiatives (SMB sector)

2003 Contech Trophy for Sustainable Development


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Many guided tours of the Mountain Equipment Co-op Store, for professionnals and the general public

Using EcoSmartTM Concrete in the Quebec Context
Presented at two EcoSmartTM Concrete conferences, Montreal, December 10th, 2003 and March 2nd, 2004

Mountain Equipment Co-op – The most ecological store in Quebec and first to be certified C2000
Presented at the Mardis Verts conference of the Order of Architects of Quebec, McGill University, Montreal, November 18th, 2003

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