The Ré/partition project transforms a residual circulation space, at the end of the bridge linking the Elizabeth Wirth and Strathcona music Buildings, into a dynamic work/lounge area. The university’s design team, the faculty and the student association wanted to revisit this area to take advantage of the extra available space. Studio MMA designed Ré/Partition to create a common area that combines work and lounging spaces and provides the music faculty with a comfortable, quality shared environment. The existing circulation was maintained to ensure functionality and comfort. A new wooden slat suspended ceiling hides existing mechanical shafts and ceiling overhangs. These new wooden elements maintain and compliment the wood finish and texture of the space’s existing window. The furniture was chosen to support both the functional and the rest areas while accommodating the flow of movement between and around these new work and lounge islands.

Year of construction : 2021

Architecture : Studio MMA

General contractor : Corenov Constructeurs Inc.

Consultants : GRV Expert Conseils (lighting and electric) and Atelier 7hz (acoustic)


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