Maison Ouatouais

Located on an enchanting site on the Ottawa River, the Outaouais House is a new construction project in Brownsburg-Chatham.

Its 3000 square feet of built space have been divided into two volumes, joined by a fully glazed vestibule. Approaching the house by a winding path through a dense forest, the visitor discovers a breathtaking view of the river upon entering the house.

To accommodate an extended family or a large group of people, the interior spaces are particularly generous. In fact, in addition to the master bedroom, which has its own small volume, the house has four additional bedrooms on the second floor. Each living space has plenty of windows to observe the panoramic view of the site at any time of the day.

During the summer months, a veranda allows you to enjoy the site sheltered from the sun and bad weather. A large pergola and a roof overhang were added to control solar gains during the summer and frame the outdoor space.

The volumes of the ensemble are inspired by the traditional form of a gabled house. Cladded with a vertical light wood siding, the volumes are reshaped by juxtaposing a dark material that blurs the corners.

Design 2022

Architecture : Studio MMA

  • Maison Ouatouais

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