3+4 is a demolition and renovation project of two lots: one containing a shoebox in an advanced state of deterioration and the other containing a duplex to be preserved. The goal of the intervention is to restore the main facade of the duplex while adding a 3rd unit with a new floor to the duplex. The demolition of the shoebox will also allow to offer 4 new housing units to the neighborhood. The building will be integrated into its built environment by the use of several setbacks in the facade to distinguish the original facade of the duplex from the rest of the new construction and to create alignments with the neighbouring buildings. The units created are varied in terms of layout and size: one offers four bedrooms and a private rooftop terrace, one offers three bedrooms, one offers two bedrooms and a family room in the basement, and the other four units offer two bedrooms. Each unit has a private outdoor space and access to the common roof terrace.

Design 2021

Architecture : Studio MMA

  • 3+4

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