Best Atwater Condos – St-Henri

Construction 2015

The Best Atwater Condo project transforms a dark and aging residential building, creating two new bright and spacious condominiums. The transformation divides the original building in two and enlarges it into the backyard and upwards, creating a mezzanine space that opens onto a roof terrace and opening the existing floor area to create living spaces full of light and open to the large backyard. The existing coach passage, door and window openings were retained as required by the borough, but the façade, long-since stripped of its original character, is modernised through the addition of independent entries and by a new parapet clad in metal panels. In the back, large windows open the living rooms to terraces built on the level of the private courtyards. An open steel and wood stair rises from the ground floor to the second, with 2 bedrooms and a large master suite. The staircase continues its path to the mezzanine level and its large family room, lit from both sides and enjoying views over the roofs of the neighbourhood towards Atwater Market and Downtown on one side, and towards the Lachine Canal and the river on the other.

  • Best Atwater Condos – St-Henri

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