Ontario is a demolition and renovation project of two lots: the first containing a series of Victorian semi-detached triplexes requiring restoration and the second containing a multitude of small buildings and annexes to be demolished. The purpose of the intervention is to restore the facades of the triplexes while constructing a new building on the adjacent lot. The demolition of the buildings on the second lot will offer 21 new housing units near the downtown area. The building is integrated into its built environment by aligning its main body with its neighbors. The upper floors are distinguished from the built environment by a change of materials on the facade and by a play of setbacks and terraces. The units of the new building have an abundance of windows through a vegetated courtyard at the rear of the building.

Design 2020

Architecture : Studio MMA

Mechanical, Electrical and Structural engineers : Genimac Inc.

  • Ontario

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