Quitte ou triple

Quitte ou triple is part of an urban redevelopment in which the process begins with a request for the demolition of a duplex from the beginning of the 20th century having lost its heritage characteristics and original components. Located opposite Corroyeurs Park on Saint-Ambroise Street, the block of our lot has demonstrated for several years the potential for positive redevelopment leading to the construction of quality residential buildings. Taking advantage of an urban context rich in history and quality of life, our proposal is designed considering the multiple urban layers of the neighborhood and planning the spaces of the building and measuring its contribution to the context of the street and the park.

Following the district’s robust regulation for the development of new constructions, the building’s typology is associated with that of triplexes with internal stairs in the South-West Burrough and integrates its most notable characteristics. This design model radically defines the interior organization of the building and the optimization of locations for daytime and nighttime living areas as well as horizontal and vertical circulation starting from the combined location of the entrance doors a few feet from the sidewalk level, reflecting our reference typology.

To meet current needs to provide different modes of urban transport, the basement of the building includes parking for 3 units and bicycle spaces. Access to this level is carefully planned by providing a “concealed” access to our ramp located behind perforated steel panels echoing the guardrails of the loggias. The urban volume of our proposal is chiselled to reflect our immediate neighbors by an alternation of gestures, in continuity or rupture with the characteristics of our immediate urban environment.

The layout of the building and the remaining exterior spaces are molded on our western neighbor to maximize the open space between the two buildings and thus ensuring natural lighting in the rear rooms of our dwelling units.

The housing units all include 3 bedrooms and very large living spaces located either on the rear or front façade to make the most of the outdoor areas available on the different floors of the building.

Progress in the process continues with the review of the project by the district’s demolitions committee

2023 design

Architecture: Studio MMA

Structural study: Calculatec Inc.

Heritage study: BC2 Group

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