Maison des Tavaillons

Located in Mont-Tremblant, Maison des Tavaillons is a renovation and extension project that rehabilitates a typical Laurentian chalet. The new owners who stayed there regularly in recent years now wish to settle there permanently. However, the shortcomings of the existing chalet from the 1960s must now be corrected before settling there. The project’s interventions therefore address these deficiencies and aim to improve the energy performance of the envelope, ensure the waterproofing of the roof and improve the interior configuration.

The architectural concept for the project is to carry out a series of concise and complementary gestures to the existing building. A restrained addition accommodates the little additional space required and maximizes southern exposure. This new volume is located under an oversized roof matching the existing one and will open onto a large terrace taking advantage of the natural western plateau. Interventions on the main volume focus on reconfiguring and completing suspended renovations as well as rectifying problematic situations on the roof.

Overall, the rehabilitation of this modest construction will allow its occupants to take advantage of the natural setting in spaces that are both comfortable and luminous.

Projected year of construction: 2024-2025

Architecture: Studio MMA

Structure: MA-TH

  • Maison des Tavaillons

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