La Berge

La Berge’s site offers a waterfront location and view to Notre Dame Lake in the Outaouais region. The lot is covered by more or less two thirds of trees and woods with a wide clearing facing the lake were the cottage finds its location. To ensure our design benefits from the site’s natural particularities, the building’s location, orientation and layout creates generous amounts of natural light and views over the site while controlling heat gains through passive measures and building features, such as generous roof and balcony overhangs facing south/west.

A strong functional separation exists between open family/common spaces and private bedroom areas without compromises to the direct physical and visual contact of both uses with the surroundings. The efficiency of the layout reflects the structural grid which becomes the backbone and datum setting the rhythm and proportion of each space. The house’s volume also reflects this interior organization by breaking down the length of the South-West façade with a recessed surface facing the interior stair case set between open living and closed sleeping areas.

The important amount of glazing integrated for views and natural lighting is balanced by a one story north façade / house entrance where windows and see-through surfaces are controlled and limited to better reveal the double height space and views on the lake and site from the interior of the cottage.

Year of construction : 2022

Architecture : Studio MMA

Interior Design : Mary Armour Interior Design / JLG Creative Studio Interior Design

General contractor : Industries Cama Entrepreneur Général

Structural engineer : Calculatec Inc.

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